ok,so here we are yet again we,ve found another secret amongst the many in fabel 2.Now when you have gone through your childhood and theresa has shown you your "new" equipment,head down to the entrance to the old cave (which turns out to be the hero's guild)which is shown to you by theresa carry one through the cave until you find a small lake in the cave and theresa will tell you to search all the corners of the cave !take her advice! on the left and right of you there are some leadges with skeletons on. search them and you will find 1 note on each of them take both of them and exit the cavern with the water in then carry on going up until you find another skleton with another note,read it then go back to the cavern with the water in and this time in the water you will find a dive spot,dive in it and you will find the first of many augmentations in the game. TADD-AHH

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