Wine is a drink in Fable II. It has the ability to make one drunk, like beer, as well as offering a small amount of Will experience. It can be purchased from taverns.

Types of WineEdit

Name Stars Description Healing Points Will Exp. Purity Fatness Base Value
Posionberry Stew 1star It is said that the feet of those treading poisonberries to make this wine are apt to turn green and fall off. On the other hand, if you don't mind a bit of rotgut and blindness, it will get you drunk fast. 10 0 -20.0 5.0% 4
Box Wine 2stars Evenly proportioned, almost hedonistic Voignier. Opens with pork rind, hairspray and hints of anise. 20 5 -15.0 5.0% 8
Table Wine 3stars Hints of vanilla, touches of oak, and whispers of fruity jam are purely imaginary in the bog-standard claret. 40 25 -10.0 5.0% 18
Classy Claret 4stars One would be able to detect hints of raspberry, honeydew and marmoset with one's nose, if one was a pompous ass. 80 125 -5.0 1.0% 46
The Tenebrous 5stars Also known in some circles as Tenbrous Vintage of Exsanguinated Shadows. An extremely rare and ancient wine made by the first of monks from the Temple of Shadows. Once used in ritual sacrifices, now sniffed, sipped and expectorated by the obscenely wealthy. 160 625 -1.0 0 145

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