Sweetwater Trees
Village in Samarkand
Location Information
Featured in Fable: Edge of the World

Sweetwater Trees is a village of note located on the Great Trade Road of Samarkand, a desert country found east of the pastoral lands of Albion.

Sweetwater Trees is one of a number of important oasis villages scattered near the Great Trade Road, serving as one of the vestiges of civilization in the harsh desert land. Though its population only numbers in the hundreds, its bountiful supply of water made it an essential stopover for most travellers in the eastern continent. Just south of the village is the buried old city of Asur-keh-la.

Eight years after The Crawler led the darkness in its attack on Bowerstone, the town of Sweetwater Trees found itself besieged by a tribe of Sand Furies, who threatened to slay everyone in the town. Its mayor, Pahket, reached a compromise with the Sand Furies, creating a trap for travellers by enticing them to reside in Sweetwater Trees for trading and resupplying purposes only to summon the Sand Furies to kill said travellers in their slumber.

This scheme came to an end with the arrival of the mighty Hero King, the Hero of Brightwall. Originally planning to head to Sweetwater Trees after he and his army safely arrived in Fairwinds, the ambush of their fleet at the hands of a navy crewed by hollow men saw the Hero elect to instead resupply at Sky Blue Lake. The Hero was forced to double back to Sweetwater Trees, however, after his new plan was complicated by the presence of sirens. Welcomed lavishly by Pahket, the Hero of Brightwall and his companions were warned to the scheme by Shalia, Pahket's daughter, who betrayed her father to save Ben Finn. Defeating both Sand Furies and their allies, the Hero King, realizing the desperation of the villagers, assured them that the Royal Army would not take vengeance and simply pay for services rendered before departing.

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