Sutcliff is a region that first appears in the novel Fable: The Balverine Order. Located far to the east of Albion, Sutcliff is a seaside city nestled in the valley built along a hillside near the forest of Elderwood. Regarded as a haven for all things uncanny, Sutcliff is characterized by its primitive architecture of crumbling stone, crouched gargoyle statues, and its close proximity to the balverine-infested Elderwoods. Despite its lack of industrialization or modern technology, Sutcliff is a much cleaner and more ecologically-friendly environment than many of its counterparts in Albion. Long ago, before the fall of the Heroes' Guild, the city once hosted a Guild Hall that was the home of the Legendary Triumvirate.

The city is economically and geographically divided into two sections: the Uppers' and the Lowers. The Lowers, also referred to as Lower Sutcliff, is a vast valley that not only houses the city's working class but also functions as its economic center. The Uppers, also referred as Upper Sutcliff, is a hillside community built into a nearby cliff that houses the wealthy upperclassmen.

Noteworthy InhabitantsEdit

Places of InterestEdit

  • Sutcliff Marketplace
  • Kreel Mansion

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