Species Human
Gender Female
Home Oakfield
First Appearance Fable II - The Sculptor
Last Appearance Fable II
Status Alive

Susannah is a character featured in Fable II. She is a sculptor residing in Oakfield. After discovering a plinth, The Sculptor quest is initiated. The Hero of Bowerstone must travel to Susannah's workshop. Upon talking to her, she states that the Hero, as an adventurer, will make the perfect subject for her work. The Hero must then stand atop her modelling platform and hold an expression until she says to stop. Afterwards, the Hero receives 100+ renown and a statue in their likeness will appear on the chosen plinth within a few days.


  • The Sculptor is a repeatable quest, allowing the Hero to model for Susannah for all five of the plinths located in Albion. The Hero may also re-model for an existing statue.

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