Summon Creatures Potion
Summon Creatures Potion
Type Potion
Effects Summons creatures to help during fights.
Source Shops, Chests, Dig Spots, Gifts
Base value 524 Gold

The Summon Creatures Potion is one of the three types of potion available in Fable III. When used in combat this potion will summon 2-6 shadow creatures to help fight. Most enemies will immediately focus on these creatures to attack.  The Summon Creatures Potion is activated by pressing down on the D-Pad during combat. The potion is only sold by the Auroran, Bowerstone Market and, less frequently, Brightwall vendors.

Description Edit

Drink this potion to cast the Summon Creatures spell. It will appear on (D-Pad) during combat.


Summon Creatures potions can be recognised by their colour and shape of their potion bottle, a pink and brown urn with a grey stopper.

Potency Edit

The potency of the potion increases as the Hero opens the Magic Power Combat Chests on the Road to Rule. The summoned creatures last for around 45 seconds and any enemy killed by these still grant you guild seals.

Road to Rule Level Creature Type Number of Creatures
Level 0 Beetles 2
Level 1 Beetles 2
Level 2 Hobbes 3
Level 3 Shadows 4
Level 4 Shadows 5
Level 5 Balverines 6

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