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Succubus Queen
Succubus Queen
Enemy Information
Type Nymph
Games Fable: The Lost Chapters
Fable Anniversary
First Appearance Fable: TLC

A Succubus Queen is a type of Nymph and enemy in Fable: The Lost Chapters and Fable Anniversary.

Characteristics Edit

The Succubus Queen Nymph is native to The Northern Wastes, and is first described in the book "Creatures of the North":

Related to the Nymphs of mainland Albion, though many have found them more resilient. Their death is not brought about easily. They are able to conjure up what local people call Wraiths...

They are winged creatures with deep purple skin and bright yellow markings, and leave a black and purple aura in their wake. Like all Nymphs, they are cruel and malicious creatures that taunt their enemies with childlike laughter.

Combat Edit

In combat, they are stronger than other Nymphs and can deal more damage, and can even summon Wraiths, another type of strong enemy. Their tactics are identical to those of other Nymphs, appearing as an invulnerable ball of light, and only materializing to attack or summon creatures. This is the only time they're vulnerable. Attacking with a charged bow shot is recommended, but Lightning or Fireball spells will suffice. Using a melee weapon is discouraged, as they almost never fly low enough to be within range. They can be encountered in the Northern Wastes Foothill and Archon's Shrine.


  • It has been reported by players that encounters with Succubus Queen Nymphs are extremely rare, and that they only appear to low-level players. Since most players are a fairly high level by the time they reach The Northern Wastes, players wanting to face one must go to particular lengths to avoid levelling up.

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