Stength Potions in Fable II are potions that give you Strength experience points. These are:

Name Stars Description Strength Exp. Base Value
Beetle Strength Potion 1star Harness the astounding power of sugar to build yourself up to Beetle Strength! Warning: Beetle Strength is not proportional. 100 36
Hobbe Strength Potion 2stars The combat drink of short angry champions! 100% natural state ingredients. 500 141
Balverine Strength Potion 3stars The high impact combat drink your muscles crave! Contains no actual balvorn byproducts. 2500 585
Potion of Strength 3stars Drink this, and you'll become permanently stronger, earning enough experience points to buy one of several new abilities! 2500 600
Troll Strength Potion 4stars Get big faster with the combat drink favored by the Crucible champs! Disclaimer: Contents neither endorsed nor recommended by the Crucible Regulatory Association of Albion. 12500 2478
Thunder's Strength Potion 5stars The most powerful potion modern alchemists have ever concocted. They claim it contains traces of the powdered bones of the Hero known as Thunder. 62500 10534

Fable II Potions
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