A Stove is a type of furniture in Fable II that can contain items. The items found in the cupboard range from gifts (chocolate, flowers, toys, etc.), books, or other random items. Mainly, the items found in a stove are produce of some kind, usually of a poorer quality.

When you press (or hold) A on a stove, there are two possible actions: steal or search. Stealing is performed when you take items from a stove in a house other than your own. It gives you 5 evil points and you run the risk of getting put under arrest (or if you are in Bloodstone, a witness of stealing will attack you). It also is considered stealing when taking items from a stove even while renting out a house that belongs to you. An "eyeball" icon will appear above the cupboard indicating whether or not you will be spotted when attempting to steal. Searching is just the opposite; when you take items from the stove in your own house.

Types of Stove Edit

Name Stars Description Base Value
Broken Stove 1star A ramshackle construction that's bad at cooking meals but fabulous at burning down the house. 15 gold
Average Stove 3stars Good for cooking and general warmth. 60 gold
Luxury Stove 5stars This exquisite stove, which can cook a chicken in two minutes, is the cornerstone of any well-designed kitchen. 240 gold

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