Stone of Myr'Bregothil
Stone of Myr'Bregothil
Type Gem
Source Cemetery Mansion (Quest) - Shelley Crypt Chest
Related Quests Cemetery Mansion (Quest)
Base value 42,000 gold
Stars 5stars

The Stone of Myr'Bregothil is a Fable II item you can get after completing the The Cemetery Mansion quest. It is one of the three Divinity Gems. It is the only thing stopping the Hollow Men from the Shelley Crypt to be sent into darkness. You get the choice to give it to the Hollow Man at the end or to keep it and kill him.

Description Edit

One of the most valuable gems in all of Albion.


  • This gem uses the same picture as a Ruby .

Bugs Edit

  • Even if you give the Hollow Man in the Shelley Crypt the gem, it will remain in your inventory, meaning that your choice to return it or not can be completely based on which way you want your alignment to go.

See Also Edit

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