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Weapon Information
Type Melee
Damage 20
Base Value 5 gold
Acquisition Heroes' Guild
Bargate Prison

The Stick is the first melee weapon available in Fable and Fable: The Lost Chapters. It is given to the Hero by the Guildmaster on the first day of Guild training. However, once the Hero advances in his training, the Guildmaster presents him with a real weapon, an iron longsword, urging the young man to "put that old stick away."


While blocks and flourishes can be performed with the stick, its weak damage makes it highly inferior to all other weapons. Oddly, since it is a melee weapon, the stick is still capable of decapitating certain enemies by performing a flourish on them when they are dazed.


  • Aside from the stick given by the Guildmaster, the only other stick in the game can be found in a barrel in the barracks at Bargate Prison.
  • Because no shops sell sticks it is possibly the only non-legendary weapon that is impossible to sell in the original.
  • Its supposed legendary equivalent is Orkon's Club.

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