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Spirits are a type of alcoholic drink in Fable II. They heal you as well as decrease purity, increase fatness and give you Skill experience.

Name Stars Description Healing Points SKL Exp. Purity Fatness Base Value
Oakfield Sour 1star Cocktail of Tabasco sauce, salt and possibly paint thinner. 10 0 -20.0 5.0 4
Sandgoose Rum 2stars Developed long ago by enterprising sailors who found that they could not drink sea water, the effects of this combination of rum and water are not unlike those of a burly boatswain punching you in the face. 20 5 -15.0 5.0 8
Hobbe's Water 3stars Despite its unappetizing name, this liquor has become immensely popular thanks to its affordability and the relatively few cases of blindness it has been known to cause. 40 25 -10.0 5.0 18
Any Port in a Storm 4stars Surprise, it's port. 80 125 -5.0 1.0 46
The Yellow Fairy 5stars Thusly named because you'll be turning yellow from the resulting liver damage. 250 proof, tastes like marshmallows. 160 625 -1.0 0 145

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