• Visit the Town Square to join the community for general discussion about the Fable series.

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  • Looking for answers? Head to the Temple to ask for help from other members of the Fable Wiki community.

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  • Head over to the Guild to find other Heroes looking for adventuring companions or trading partners.

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  • Check in at the Castle to discuss administrative changes to the wiki and the wiki's features.

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Welcome to The Fable Wiki Forums!

Our old wiki-style forums have been retired, and we are proud to present the new Forum Boards that will serve as their replacement. A rundown of the new boards follows below:

  • The Town Square: Replacing the Watercooler, the Town Square will be our board for general discussion about the Fable series.
  • The Temple: The Temple is the place to go for all answers that transcend the capability of Fable Answers, and will serve as the replacement for the Help Desk. If you are having problems with a bug, or need help with a quest, this is the place to go.
  • The Guild: Check into the Guild if you are looking for people to join in Fable II and Fable III co-op. Here you will find other Heroes preparing for adventure or looking to trade items.
  • The Castle: The centre of administration on the wiki, the Castle is the board to discuss updates regarding changes to the wiki and its features. This replaces Wiki Talk.

Want to spend some more time chatting about Fable away from the hustle and bustle of the Town Square? Then head into our local tavern, The Dead Hamster, conveniently located beside the Clock Tower.

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