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Type Miscellaneous
Effects Digs up buried items.
Source See below for game specific info
Related Quests Fable:
Hidden Booty Hunt
The Graveyard Path
Fable II:
The Archaeologist
Love Hurts
Knothole Island's Big Freeze(DLC)
Knothole Island's Huge Heat(DLC)
Knothole Island Drowning(DLC)
Fable III:
Bored to Death
One Ring to Find
A Relic of Ages Past
Base value 25 - 200 gold
Stars 1star

A spade is an item that appears in most of the games in the Fable series. It is required to dig up items that have been buried throughout Albion and Aurora.

Fable and The Lost ChaptersEdit

As the Hero walks over a place where something is hidden, in Fable and Fable: The Lost Chapters, the action icons change to the head of a spade.

  • Base Value: 200 gold
  • Description: Perfect for burying or excavating.

Acquisition Edit

A spade can be found in a chest outside the Gravekeeper's hut in Lychfield Graveyard. Alternatively, it can purchased at shops in the following locations:

Fable II Edit

In Fable II, the Hero's dog will lead them to a dig spot. When the dog starts digging the action icon will allow the user to dig.

  • Base Value: 25 gold
  • Stars: 1star
  • Description: An ordinary garden variety spade, allowing you to dig up all manner of buried items.

Acquisition Edit

A spade can be found early in the game in a chest next to the Hero's caravan. It can also be purchased at General Goods Stores.

Fable III Edit

In Fable III, the Hero already owns a spade from the start of the game and it cannot be sold or bought from any stalls. As in Fable II, the Hero's dog will lead the Hero to dig spots.

Notes Edit

  • In Fable you can "walk" through walls by putting you back towards a wall and using your spade near it. This exploit can allow to reach certain places early on in the game. However, this exploit can result in your game becoming stuck if you are not careful.
    • While chasing Jack of Blades you will go to Orchard Farm. When you are here you can use the spade exploit on the barricade behind you to get into Greatwood. If you travel to other areas in the game after doing this you will be able to see areas in the game under attack by Jack's Minions.