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General Turner
Solomon Turner
Species Human
Gender Male
Status Deceased

General Solomon Turner is one of the characters mentioned in the Fable III DLC Traitor's Keep.

In his diaries, General Turner notes that he served the Army of Albion and for thirty five years, fighting alongside Walter Beck and Major Swift under the command of the Hero of Bowerstone. However, after serving under the tyrannical King Logan, Turner came to the eventful decision that Albion didn't need a monarch. Concluding that the monarchy was an evil system, he wanted Albion's leader killed and the castle burned to the ground in order to make way for a new system of government that was run by the people and supervised by the Royal Army, having no desire to become leader himself. Ironically, though he despised any sort of King or Queen ruling Albion, his revolutionary ideals made him similar to future revolutionary leader and Hero, the Hero of Brightwall.

Turner made a attempt of coup d'état against Logan; however, he failed and was sent to Ravenscar Keep, Albion's most secure prison. During his stay at Ravenscar, he became terribly ill, and was only taken care of by Commander Milton, who would attempt to carry out his idea of overthrowing the monarchy. He had passed away six months prior to the events of Traitor's Keep.The only image seen of General Turner is a portrait of himself, seen inside his prison cell in Ravenscar Keep.

Commander Milton, in an attempt to overthrow the Hero, pretended that Turner was still alive and at large during the time the Hero spent at Ravenscar in order to trick the Hero. However, while Milton managed to acquire the Hero's abilities, he was still unable to slay Albion's greatest Hero. Before he died, he claimed that Turner's ideas would live on, and soon, the people would rise to make them a reality.


  • General Turner may be inspired by Karl Marx, who also called for a people's revolution and a society run by the masses. Curiously, Marx, like Turner, formed these ideas during the Industrial Revolution.
  • As revealed in the first instalment of General Turner's diaries, Turner fought alongside Walter Beck and Major Swift while they were soldiers. Turner expressed his admiration for the pair, deeming them "fine soldiers."
  • In the fifth and final instalment of his diaries, the General alludes to "disciples that will be faithful to the last," possibly referring to Milton's allegiance.
  • Being a military general with a relationship to a prison warden indicates a possible inspiration by Last Castle's main character.

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