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Slow Time Potion
Slow Time Potion
Type Potion
Effects Slows down everything in the world around your Hero.
Source Shops, Chests, Dig Spots, Gifts

Slow Time Potions are potions in Fable III which slow down everything in the world around your Hero, while your Hero moves at normal speed. The effect is similar to the Slow Time and Time Control spells from Fable and Fable II respectively. Slow Time Potions can be purchased from Potion Stalls in various locations in Fable III.


Slow Time Potions can be recognised by the cream-coloured, hourglass-shaped bottle. The duration of the effect is determined by Magical Aura level.


The potion is useful when you are outnumbered in combat, low on health or if you want to move away from your enemies to attack them from a different direction.

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