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Species God
Gender Male
Enemies Avo
First Appearance Fable
Last Appearance Fable: The Lost Chapters
Status Hoax (rumored)

Skorm is an evil god of Albion, discredited by the Oracle, which tells the Hero that Skorm and Avo were actually false gods made up by a merchant who discovered two places where the will energy was especially strong. The Temple of Avo was built upon the spot where Will energy gave good thoughts and feelings while the Chapel of Skorm was constructed upon the point where evil Will concentration was most prominent. It can be speculated that the belief in Skorm and Avo was started centuries before the Hero's Journey, as two holy armies held a battle in Snowspire over whose god was superior.


  • Despite the fact that the Oracle claims Skorm to be nothing more than a hoax, when you enter the Chapel of Skorm you hear a disembodied and sinister voice that doesn't belong to either of the two acolytes. However, this could also be the evil thoughts and feelings coming from the strong Will concentration in the area.
  • According to the description of Skorm's Justice, Skorm is still worshipped by a small group during the events of Fable III.
  • Illustration above is a possible representation, considering there is no real image of him.

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