Sir Walter is a playable character in the Xbox LIVE Arcade title, Fable Heroes.


Sir Walter FH

Sir Walter Beck, the Hero Doll for people with balls. Walter himself was a loyal servant to the Hero of Bowerstone, and later a mentor to the Hero of Brightwall. His bravery, his skill with pistol and sword, and his fulsome, well-maintained beard mark him out as one of the finest men-at-arms in Albion. Boxed, mint-condition specimens of this Hero Doll are hard to find, as they appear to have the habit of gnawing their way out of their wrapping, apparently having been imbued with the same claustrophobia that plagued the real Walter.

— Description of Sir Walter from Fable Friday


  • He is unlocked after completing all of the levels, including The Credits, in the world of Albion. This also unlocks the achievement Ruler of Albion.
  • Sir Walter wields a sword and pistol and is one of two characters in the game to use both melee and ranged attacks.
  • On the Weapon Tile of the Abilities Board, a Weapon Effect upgrade can be purchased for Sir Walter's sword to give it a trail effect that is very similar in appearance to the pools of darkness encountered in Shadelight in Fable III.
  • He is the only Puppet in Fable Heroes to speak, repeating his trademark line from Fable III: "Balls."

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