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Silver Arrow
Silver Arrow Trophy
Type Trophy
Effects Raises Renown
Source Win the Knothole Glade Archery Competition
Base value 300 gold

The Silver Arrow is a trophy in Fable and Fable: The Lost Chapters that is awarded to you after winning the Knothole Glade Archery Competition. It is awarded after you beat your highscore two times. The arrows can also be obtained by killing the Competition Referee. But you should be warned that it will be considered murder of a citizen, and the guards will throw you out of the town. Although they are arrows, they cannot be shot because they are a trophy. Even though the trophy is named Silver "Arrow", it is actually more than one arrow.


You should make your first and second score low, so that it is easy to beat it a second time and win the trophy.

Game Description Edit

"The prize for winning the Knothole Glade Archery Competition."

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