Location Information
Featured in Fable: The Balverine Order

Shorewall is a seaside town found outside of the borders of Albion on an unknown land. While not a part of Albion, it does trade with the cities of that pastoral land.

In the final days of the Hero of Bowerstone's rule, the pirate known as Captain Rackam intended to go to Shorewall after picking up cargo in Blackridge. Before he sets out on this cargo run, he picks up the adventuring duo Thomas Kirkman and James Skelton in his home port of Seaside, learning that the duo are out looking for Balverines. Before the ship could get to Shorewall, it is attacked by a kraken, forcing Thomas and James to swim to Blackridge.


  • The fact that Shorewall was willing to trade with a pirate could indicate that, like the port town of Bloodstone in Albion, it is very lax in it's attempts to obey and uphold the law.

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