Shock Spell Gauntlet
Weapon Information
Type Gauntlet
Damage See Base Damage
Base Value 40 Guild Seals
Acquisition Road to Rule Gate 2

The Shock Spell Gauntlet is a Gauntlet in Fable III. Unlike in Fable and Fable II, the Hero of Brightwall must use gauntlets to channel Will and perform spells. This gauntlet is equivalent to the Lightning spell of Fable or the Shock spell of Fable II.

Using this spell in area effect will cause arcs of lightning strike your enemy from above, stunning them and allowing you to finish them off. Using the gauntlet on a single target will cause a large bolt of lightning to strike the enemy, stunning them or instantly turning them into slightly burning skeletons.

This gauntlet can be combined for devastating results. (Ex: Shock + Ice Storm = Enemies are damaged as ice rains from above while they are being shocked and possibly stunned.)

Description Edit

Shock electrocutes opponents, damaging and momentarily stunning them.

Base Damage Edit

Shock Spell Damage[1]

Star Level 0 1 2 3 4 5
Charge Level 0 Aimed 11 13 16 20 35 49
Charge Level 0 Area-of-Effect 7 8 10 12 19 27
Charge Level 1 Aimed 73 48 61 76 132 187
Charge Level 1 Area-of-Effect 38 25 31 40 68 98
Charge Level 2 Aimed 198 142 84 106 186 261
Charge Level 2 Area-of-Effect 101 74 43 55 96 135
Charge Level 3 Aimed 456 356 223 158 271 390
Charge Level 3 Area-of-Effect 224 181 116 81 138 201
Charge Level 4 Aimed 573 288 182 18 81 257
Charge Level 4 Area-of-Effect 288 142 93 9 40 128

NOTES: This is based on the star level of the weapon. Does NOT factor in Magical Aura multiplier. Italicised figures are rounded to the nearest whole number. To see the exact figure, hover over the cell.

Legendary Weapon Augments Edit

Many legendary weapons in Fable III have augments that require kills with an unwoven Shock spell to unlock bonuses. The weapons listed below have this requirement.

Swords Edit

Hammers Edit

Pistols Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Like in Fable II, killing enemies with this spell will zap them into slightly singed skeletons.

References Edit

  1. Walsh, Doug and Epstein, Joe. (2010). Fable III Signature Series E-Guide. BradyGames. p. 308. ISBN-13: 978-0-7440-1302-3.

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