Shadow Worshipper
Shadow Worshipper
Species Human
Gender Male
May be one female if you join
Home Rookridge, Temple of Shadows
Enemies Monks
Status Alive
Dead if you do Defender of the Light quest

A Shadow Worshipper is a dark version of a Monk who worships the Shadows instead of the Light. They sacrifice humans on their Wheel of Misfortune and have such events as "Torture Tuesday" and "Poker Friday". They live in the Temple of Shadows in Rookridge. Lead by Cornelius Grim, the rest of the Shadow Worshippers are said to be snobs seeing "evil" as a hobby.

The Hero can become a Shadow Worshipper if he/she eats five Crunchy Chicks.


  • In a loading screen, one of the captions is about a Shadow Worshipper worshipping the Shadows under a bed.
  • You receive the Shadow Worshipper Outfit from a chest in the Temple of Shadows.
  • Although they only see evil as a hobby, they have access to legitamite dark power, demonstrated when they tried to poison the water in Wellspring Cave and torture the peasants within the Snowglobe.
  • The shadow worshipper at the Wheel of Misfortune is the only worshipper left alive if the Hero completes the Defender of the Light quest.
  • The worshippers at the Chapel of Skorm seem to be more serious about their job as the shadow worshippers seem to be strange and "wacky", (Poker night?)
  • Strangely, the Shadow Worshippers are charitable as when you beg for gold they will give it to you, as of the Temple of Light monks will scold you.

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