The Shadow-Worshipper Outfit is a set of clothing in Fable II. It is available from the chest near the Wheel of Misfortune after you gain entry to the Temple of Shadows.


The posh twits at the Temple of Shadows may only be playing at being evil, but the aura of malice this outfit emanates is unmistakable.

Coat: Shadow-worshipper Robes

  • Stars: 3stars
  • Evil: 10.0%
  • Base Value: 240

Mask: Shadow-worshipper Mask

  • Stars: 3stars
  • Evil: 10.0%
  • Base Value: 120


  • Only the robes and mask are part of the set; the gloves and boots that the Shadow Worshippers wear are simply Pauper Gloves and Monk Boots dyed black (Moonless Midnight Dye).
  • The robes use both the coat and headgear slots, but all other clothing may be worn underneath.
  • The mask worn bears a strong resembalance to old Italian Venetian masks; this type in particular (with the nose) were called Medico della Peste masks worn by plague doctors. In modern times they are associated with death, or the sense or mortality.
  • In Fable III Reaver has a mask similar looking to The Shadow Worshiper Mask

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