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Enemy Information
Type Darkness
Class Large, Auroran, Shadow
Games Fable III
First Appearance Shadelight
Related Quests Darkness Incarnate
Do the Ends Justify the Means?
"The dark guardian shall come and protect us..."
— The Crawler

Sentinels are a type of enemy in Fable III. Sentinels are large statues of hooded, winged figures that come alive when possessed by the Crawler's darkness. A sentinel's main weapon is a large staff that is capable of releasing a blast of magical energy that can repel the Hero in a manner similar to force push. Even if the Crawler has been defeated, these creatures can still summon Shadows in pairs out of pools of black darkness.

Sentinels can also be encountered in the Shifting Sands and the Veiled Path, where they generally appear amongst groups of Dark Minions.


  • They are classed as large enemies and Auroran enemies for any upgrades on legendary weapons.
  • Although they have wings, they are never seen flying, perhaps due to the great weight of their "bodies."
  • One of its attacks has ravens coming out of the ground causing damage to the Hero. In folklore, ravens are signs of darkness.
  • Depictions of hooded, winged figures are quite prevalent in Auroran culture. Besides the Sentinels themselves, similar statues of varying sizes (including the statue of Tannar the Great found during the quest A Relic of Ages Past) can be found throughout Aurora, and the Auroran back tattoo is a hooded figure with wings.

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