Coastal City
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Featured in Fable: The Balverine Order

Seaside is a sizable port city found on the coast to the east of Albion. It is described as being a port of call for many sailors, as well as the home to a constant stream of rats running rampant through the docks. It is said to constantly smell of brine.

In the final years of the Hero of Bowerstone's rule, Seaside was the port of calling for the pirate known as Captain Rackam, who intended to set sail for the town of Shorewall. However, having to pick up cargo in the coastal town of Blackridge, the pirate captain met the adventurers Thomas Kirkman and James Skelton, who were out looking for a balverine. Willing to take them in, Rackam set off, only to be attacked by a kraken.


  • The fact that Seaside was serving as the port of call for a pirate like Captain Rackam indicates that either the city did not know of Rackam's true nature or, like Bloodstone, they are simply lax in their attempt to obey and uphold the law.
  • This theory is further supported by James Skelton himself, who confides in Thomas his suspicion that all of the sailors he asked for recommendations were in fact pirates who collaborated in this scheme to lure rich would-be passengers onto their fellows' ships.

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