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Weapon Information
Type Special
Damage 20
Base Value 400 gold
Augmentations None
Acquisition Twinblade's Camp

The Scimitar is a weapon that can be found in Fable. It is considered mythical among many players, and it has been said that this sword doesn't exist. The weapon itself is not very powerful - getting it is an achievement all on its own.


Getting this weapon takes luck and patience. To get it, walk into the Bandit Camp, and stand by one of the fires that the bandits sit around. There is a small chance that, when one of the bandits sits down, he will lay his weapon down. If you are standing by him when it happens, the green "pick up" symbol will appear and you will be able to pick the scimitar up. Alternatively, sleeping in a nearby tent for the shortest possible amount of time may cause the bandit to leave without picking it up.


Gold value: 400
Augment Slots: None
Damage: 20
Class: Light
Description: None


It is possible that this weapon is not supposed to be used. This can be proven by the damage it causes, which is the same as the stick.

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