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Species Human
Gender Male
First Appearance Fable Fortune
Status Alive

Sand is a Samarkandian prophet and one of the playable heroes in Fable Fortune.

Background Edit

In quieter moments, Sand could remember a time when he was a trader, a successful trader, with a different name. His caravan of goods would stretch a full mile along Samarkand's Great Trade Road – and he would sit in pampered luxury at the head of it, utterly content, and utterly complacent.

Then the bandits came. There had been fire, confusion, blood (an awful lot of that), and then running – a desperate, constant, terror-fuelled flight into the desert, as one by one his companions fell to arrows at his side.

Sand's lungs burned and exploded in his chest from the sudden exertion, but his arrow never came – when he finally collapsed through exhaustion, he found himself alone, agonizingly thirsty, and desperately cold as the desert night began to draw in. It was to be the first of many.

Somewhere in that endless procession, at the very limits of Sand's exhaustion, there had been a series of strange old obsidian monuments, and a cave beneath them that led to a magnificently desolate forgotten city. Convinced he had finally gone insane, he collapsed to the impossibly smooth floor for what he was sure was to be the last time. As he fell, his fingers brushed against an object, a staff – he dimly recalled a burst of unearthly light, a flood of memories that were not his own:

A city of impossible technology, a city guarded by stone giants, a city that once commanded the sand to part for it, a city that stood timeless for generations, a city that fell, a city that was buried, a city that was forgotten.

A city that must be remembered.

He awoke to find the staff still clutched in his hand, and the unmistakable grinding of stone on stone from all sides. The city was waking, and Sand understood it had chosen him as the one true prophet to make it great again, granting him the power to command its long forgotten technology.

A full year later, a very different man took his first steps into the land of Albion. The great stone guardians of the desert city followed in his steps; the fierce desert sands now answered his call, and even time itself could bend to his indomitable will.

He needed true believers to make the city great again, he would find them, he would show them the power he had discovered, and he would lead them back to the desert...

Playstyle and Abilities Edit

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