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Sacred Pie of Kindness

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Sacred Pie of Kindness
Type Food
Effects Quest item
Source House in Bloodstone
Related Quests T.O.B.Y.
Base value ?
Stars ?

After retrieving the Wine of Forgiveness for the T.O.B.Y. quest, Toby Trotter will tell you to get the third item, the Sacred Pie of Kindness. Apparently, the location is in another house. Just follow the breadcrumb trail. It should be in a cupboard downstairs to the left upon entering the house. Toby claims that it is a sacred item he can use in a ritual to cleanse Bloodstone of its seedy, sinful ways, apparently influenced by an evil gang called The Silver Serpent, but in reality, Toby is a con man, and this is merely a scrumptious pie he intends to eat.


A delicious blueberry pie.

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