Sabrina Kreel
Species Human
Gender Female
Relatives Ethan Kreel (Father)
Relationships Thomas Kirkman (Lover)
James Skelton (Ally)
First Appearance Fable: The Balverine Order
Last Appearance Fable: The Balverine Order
Status Deceased

Sabrina Kreel is a character in Fable: The Balverine Order. She first appears when Thomas and James first arrive in Sutcliff, where she steals James' coinpurse. A chase ensues, culminating in her being cornered by the two. Attracting the attention of the law, she proclaims her innocence, blaming the boys for accosting her. The authorities, however, remain unconvinced, determined to punish her by cutting off her hand. As the authorities prepare to act upon their judgement, she is saved by Thomas, who then battles the Sergeant. The boys are imprisoned for assaulting the authorities while learning at their trial that Sabrina is revealed to be a person of importance and is to be released.

Later, Ethan Kreel talks to them in their cell and reveals himself as not only the huntsman "Kreel" the boys were looking for, but that he is also a Laird. Admitting that Sabrina is his daughter, he forces her to thank the boys before they accompany him to his mansion. During the party, Thomas wanders off to look at the artwork. While looking at a large mural, Sabrina confronts him and asks him why he saved her. After Thomas gives his explanation, she gives him a passionate kiss, then lures him to her room, where the two make love.

The next morning, when the group leaves for the hunt, she does not leave her room and doesn't join the group. After her father reveals himself to be a White Balverine and second in command of the Balverine Order, Sabrina appears behind Thomas, James, and their new ally, Quentin Locke, as they are trying to unlock the secret Tomb of the Hero Triumvirate. Sabrina reveals that her father sacrificed her mother in order to be admitted into the Balverine Order and that Sabrina herself was turned into a balverine thrall of the Order before transforming fully into a balverine, much to the dismay of Thomas, and attacks the group. As she is about to kill Locke, Thomas steps between them and runs her through with Locke's silver augmented blade. Sabrina transforms back into her human form and as Thomas mourns, she thanks him for ending her curse and says she is going to be with her mother now before dying. After Thomas, James, and Locke destroy the Balverine Order in Sutcliff, they return to the Kreel mansion and bury Sabrina.

Trivia Edit

  • Originally, Sabrina claims that a balverine killed her mother in front of her father and she blames her father for it.
  • She has a deep hatred for her father because he killed her mother and has forced her to become a member of the Order.
  • Before attacking Thomas, she states that her father had promised that after he was changed into a member of the Order during the full moon, Thomas and Sabrina would be allowed to be together.

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