Sable's Crossing
Bridge over the River Ironwash
FableTheJourney E32012 07 RiverCrossing
Location Information
Featured in Fable: The Journey
Related Quests The Crossing
Enemies Rockmites
White Balverine
NPCs Toll keeper
Exits Fallen Fen
Whitespire Mountains

Sable's Crossing is one of the few crossings over the massive Ironwash River between Albion and the Edgelands. The crossing is found past the marshes of the Fallen Fen, south of Thorndeep. To the west of the crossing lies Poppywheel Farm and the mighty Northward Fort, built on the base of the Whitespire Mountains.

Unlike the far more lucrative and expansive Reaver's Reach, Sable's Crossing is a simple wooden bridge. Built only two or three weeks before the events of Fable: The Journey, Sable's Crossing was one of the few bridges located in Miremoor that the Dwellers could use when travelling over the River Ironwash into the Shalefields of Albion. However, it was never very reliable, with Betty mentioning that in its brief history, it already floated away four times.

Sable's Crossing is currently maintained by the toll keeper, a hunched over, greedy old man who demanded exorbitant fees based on a nearby chart from those who would cross the bridge, claiming that the simple wooden crossing had to be properly maintained by a professional.

Fable: The JourneyEdit

After successfully traversing the dangerous lands of the Fallen Fen and aiding the ghost soldiers of Northward Fort, Gabriel finally came to Sable's Crossing and crossed the great obstacle that was the River Ironwash. When attempting to cross, the toll keeper demanded nine gold pieces for the crossing as a toll. However, when traveling through the area, Gabriel refuted the proposal, instead using his gauntlets to blast the barrier at Betty's insistence. Leaving the frustrated toll keeper behind him, Gabriel and his companions crossed the bridge, saved Benny from an attacking group of hobbes, fought through Northward Fort, and continued his journey up the Whitespire Mountains towards the final temple of the Enlightened, the The Shattered Prism.

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