Sabine’s History of the Dweller Tribe is a note in Fable III dictated by Sabine and written by Boulder. Boulder apparently takes his instructions too literally and copies down everything that Sabine says.

Location Edit

The note can be found in the Dweller Camp, situated on a rock near a bonfire between The Caravan of Love and Old Reliable.

Description Edit

Sabine: Edit

Sabine’s History of the Dweller Tribe, as dictated to Boulder, secretary, bodyguard, and comrade. Very well, Boulder, I want you to write down everything I say now. These fellows at the Brightwall Academy have asked for a full and proper history of our tribe, to sit proudly on their learned shelves. This is important, you know, so write down every word as true as it’s spoken. ‘Honoured scholars and professors and such, I am Sabine, elder of—' I’ll start again, Boulder, hang on. ‘Honoured scholars and professors and such, I am Sabine, elder of the Dweller clan. I shall begin the tale of my people with—' Wait, Boulder, wait. Let me light my pipe. I can’t think without my pipe.

Ahh, that’s better. Boulder, have you got everything so far, Boulder? Good. Now, where was I? Ah, yes. 'The history of our tribe is the history of these mountains, for we were wanderers for many a year before we found a home. And we were not truly ourselves before the valley of Mistpeak sang its welcome song. These ancient rocks, these noble trees, this honest soil are as much a part of the Dweller tribe as the children who play in the valley’s snow, or the men and women who hunt in it’s forest.’ Have you got enough ink there, my lad? Eh? Have you got enough ink there, my lad? There must be facts sufficient to fill a book by now. I best hurry to the end. 

‘So in conclusion, it’s freezing and it’s tough and it’s beautiful, and what better way to describe the life of a Dweller than that? These mountains are ours and we’ll fight with our lives to shelter them from whatever storms may come. But the most important thing about Dwellers you must know, the thing that defines our culture and spirit more clearly than anything else is…' Oh bloody hell. My pipe’s gone out. Oh well, never mind. That’s plenty for the Academy to absorb and to study I’ve no doubt. Let’s have a drink to celebrate, shall we? Just make sure you’ve not missed a word, Boulder, and we can send it off in the morning.

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