Species Human
Gender Male
Relatives Old Henry (Father)
Home Blackholm
Relationships Ben Finn (Ally)
Enemies Droogan
First Appearance Fable: Blood Ties
Last Appearance Fable: Edge of the World
Status Alive

Russell is a character in Fable: Blood Ties and Fable: Edge of the World. A soldier in the militia of the large walled town of Blackholm, Russell was led by the old warrior named Old Henry in the defense of the town against the warlord Droogan. Though the dedicated militia had fought off Droogan's forces time and time again, it was clear that they were getting weaker, and would not be able to withstand many more attacks.

Shortly after the events of Fable III, the Blackholm milita received reinforcements in the form of the revolutionary hero, former smuggler/adventurer, and soldier Ben Finn, who had succumbed to a need to travel once more. Just as Finn was introducted to Old Henry, however, the town bell rang, warning everyone of another incoming attack. Making for the walls, Russell was able to witness Ben Finn's remarkable proficiency with firearms, picking off many of Droogan's men from far range. Unfortunately for the young militia member, Russell was hit in the shoulder, toppling from the wall. Ben sprang into action, grabbing a nearby rope and leaping down to the boy's side, then dragging him off to safety.

Following the battle, Ben visited Russell in the barracks, where he learns from a grateful Old Henry that Russell is his son.

Russell would meet Ben Finn again in the middle of the third and final battle for Blackholm, in which the town guard and Droogan's mercenaries both teamed up to fight off Reaver's army of Half-breeds. After fighting off the Half-breeds and taking Droogan into custody, Russell was elected the new town mayor, who subsequently chose Ben as his new deputy mayor. Ordering the new militia leader, Captain Thorpe, to take Droogan away, Russell readied the town for a trial in which Droogan would be tried for his crimes and probably be found guilty.

Quietly, Russell entreated Ben to stay in Blackholm, stating his title of deputy mayor need not be a simple honorary title. Ben politely declines, stating his intent to catch up to his friend and co-revolutionary Page, to which a confused Russell admits that Page already left Blackholm that morning. Belated, Ben rushed off after her, leaving Russell in charge of Blackholm.

Ten years later, as the Hero of Brightwall prepared to leave for Samarkand on an expedition to combat the resurgent Darkness, Russell remained the mayor of Blackholm. Ben Finn visited his old ally with Jack Timmins in an attempt to recruit anyone from Blackholm into the expedition force. Though reluctant to see his populace go off to war, Russell, still grateful for Ben Finn's aid a decade ago, agreed to join the Royal Army with a company of Blackholm's most able-bodied men, leaving Ed Wilkerson behind as the acting mayor of the town.

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