Rubber Ball
Type Object
Effects Allows dog to Fetch
Source General goods stores
Base value 5 gold
Stars 1star

A Rubber Ball is an item in Fable II, it allows you to use the "Fetch" expression with your dog. If you extend the expression, you will throw the ball farther.

Description Edit

As all dogs know, humans are ignorant as to the true value of these precious items, which they discard seemingly at random. According to ancient pet lore, the dog deity Cainine killed his brother Fabel to gain possession of his rubber ball.

Note Edit

  • Throwing the ball will NOT result in the loss of the item, even if your dog does not get it back.

Trivia Edit

  • The dog deities Cainine and Fabel are a reference to the Biblical story in which Cain murders his brother Abel after God rejects Cain's sacrifice, but accepts Abel's.

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