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Type Quest Item
Source Little Boy
Related Quests Birthday Gift Deed
Base value 0
"She's a lovely little furry bear with a blue patch on her back."
— Young Emily describing Rosie

Rosie is the name of the teddy bear owned by Emily, a girl in Oakvale in Fable and Fable: The Lost Chapters. After being in the possession of a young boy, Rosie was fought over by the Bully and the boy. The outcome of the fight would decide how bright Rosie's future would be. If the Hero gives Rosie to Emily, her stuffing will be fixed and her well-being saved. If the Hero gives her to the Bully, however, Rosie's stuffing will be torn out.

Description Edit

A child's toy, almost disgustingly cute.

Trivia Edit

  • If the Hero tries to give Rosie to Theresa as a birthday gift, she will turn him down by saying, "That's not a proper present! You know I like sweet things."
  • In Fable II, you can find a gravestone at Wraithmarsh with the text, "Here lies Rosie. A teddy bear".
  • As you travel through towns in Fable II, you may hear a passing child say "Has anybody seen Rosie? I lost her again."

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