FableII Ron
Species Human
Gender Male
Home Westcliff
Relationships Biff (Friend)
First Appearance Fable II - Road to Westcliff
Last Appearance Fable II
Status Alive
"Wow! You trained your pet troll to speak!"
— Ron insulting Hammer

Ron is a character featured in Fable II. The Hero of Bowerstone and Hammer meet him and his friend, Biff, outside the gates of Westcliff. He greets the two with insults, though they are usually ruined by Biff. Ron and Biff will follow the Heroes throughout Westcliff, providing a humourous commentary along the way. After the Hero enters the Crucible, Ron is nowhere to be found.

Dialogue Edit

[To a male Hero]
Ron: You lost, little girl?
Biff: I think it's a bloke, Ron.
Ron: Yeah, that's what makes it an insult, you idiot. Now, shut it!

Ron: Come on. You got some time to play with us, don't you?
Biff: Yeah, let's play a wee game!
Hammer: I have an idea for a game using my hammer and your head!

Ron: Why don't you show us what you got? Or ain't you got nothing?
Biff: Yeah, show us!

Ron: You two... intimate, are you? (laughs)
Biff: Yeah, you int-... What's that mean, Ron?
Hammer: Ah, wit, intelligence, and looks. Is there anything these two don't have?

Ron: Why don't you get back to your cozy little homes - you don't belong here.
Biff: Go back home; nice and cozy, it is. Ha!

Ron: Mind you don't fall over and hurt yourself. Ha ha ha!
Biff: Ha ha, yeah! Like what you did the other day, right, Ron?
Ron: Shut up...

Ron: You're just a pair of stupid tourists, ain't ya?
Biff: Yeah, tourists are stupid! Uh, are we tourists, Ron?
Hammer: No, you're academics, quite clearly.

Ron: Are you lost, you big babies?
Biff: They lost their babies? Poor babies...

Trivia Edit

  • If the player does not enter the Crucible, but instead waits around, Ron and Biff's commentary will end and the two will leave.
  • Ron can be killed at any point in time without causing the citizens of Westcliff to retaliate. However, doing so will cause Biff to become hostile.

Gallery Edit

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