FTJ Casting Magic
Enemy Information
Type Bug
Games Fable: The Journey
First Appearance The Spirit Chambers
Related Quests Various

Rockmites are crablike creatures, each the size of a small dog. They have hard shells on their backs that are highly resistant to attack and vicious claws that extend from their fronts to rip apart their enemies.

Rockmites are vicious, fast, and very ruthless creatures that stick to the tunnels and caves of Albion and the Edgelands, preferring the darkness. They can stick to walls and ceilings, and use this to their advantage when ambushing prey. Though they are rather weak, they can use their foremost claws to cover themselves, which provides a useful shield against attacks. They often attack in swarms, quickly amassing from their nests to attack intruders or to defend their hives. Although both are insectoid and well-armoured, it is unknown if there is any relation between them and Beetles.

Fable: The JourneyEdit

In Fable:The Journey, rockmites are a new enemy that mainly live in caves. They are the first enemy introduced in the game, first encountered in the Spirit Chambers. They are further encountered in other various tunnels, caves, and abandoned houses, like those found in Miremoor or the base of the Whitespire Mountains.

As befitting their insectoid nature, rockmites attack quickly in big swarms in an attempt to overwhelm Gabriel. However, they are very weak, with a single Bolt from the gauntlets being all that is necessary to kill most of them. Elite rockmites present a far greater challenge, requiring many more Bolts to destroy. In addition, these larger rockmites use their foremost claws to protect themselves, and must be disarmed using Push.

Fable: TheresaEdit

In the eBook, Fable: Theresa, rockmites make an appearance hiding in the shadows of Ravenbeak's caves. A swarm of them put an end to Elijah Stane's life.

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