Species Human
Gender Male
Home Driftwood
Enemies Reaver
First Appearance Fable III - Pest Control
Last Appearance Fable III
Status Alive

Robin is an Eco Warrior living in Driftwood in Fable III who is involved in the quest Pest Control.

The Hero meets Robin and his small band of Eco Warriors at their makeshift camp on the shore of Driftwood. Robin reveals that he and his people had long resided at the old Gypsy Camp in Millfields, until Reaver gained possession of the property and forced them out. They wandered the coast for a time until they found the picturesque islands just offshore from their current camp. Robin believes the islands are an ideal site for his people to make a new home, but there's just one problem: they're crawling with hobbes. He pleads with the Hero to clear the islands of hobbes so that he and his people can settle them and live their lives in peace.

Quotes Edit

  • "Terrible. Ever since Reaver forced us out of our camp in Millfields, my people have been wandering the coast looking for a home." -- Robin, when he meets the Hero.
  • "Those islands over there look like the perfect place for us to settle, and live our lives in peace. But they're full of hobbes. Somebody should go in there and massacre them! Then we can live our lives in peace."
  • "The islands are just there. I reckon you'll have to swim, unless you've got a boat on you."
  • "You know, I bet hobbe skin would make jolly good material for a swimming costume."
  • "We're really looking forward to moving to our island paradise. Soon as those hobbes are dead."
  • "Bloody hobbes! I really dislike them. A lot!"
  • "You've done it! Now, if we turn our caravans upside down, they should float, right? Yes, I'm sure that will be fine." -- After the Hero has killed the hobbes.

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