Robert Mullins
Species Human
Gender Male
Relatives Mrs. Mullins
Hannah Mullins
First Appearance Fable: The Balverine Order
Last Appearance Fable: The Balverine Order
Status Alive

Robert Mullins is a character in Fable: The Balverine Order. He is the husband of Mrs. Mullins and father of Hannah. When Thomas and James arrive in Blackridge they read a note asking for Heroes. When they talk to Mrs. Mullins, she tells them Robert and Hannah were in Underwood when they were attacked by Balverines. Robert was ripped to shreds and Hannah was taken by them. During their search, they come to a new town and ask a blacksmith about Hannah. The blacksmith and another man then attack the boys. After subduing the blacksmith and the other man, Hannah enters the room and it is revealed that the blacksmith is actually her father, Robert, and the young man is her boyfriend, Samuel. Mrs. Mullins was abusive and malevolent towards the two and eventually they planned their escape. It involved faking Robert's death and Hannah's kidnapping. After the boys give their word not to tell the truth to Mrs. Mullins, Robert reveals where they should go and who they should talk to in their quest for balverines.

Notes Edit

  • He has multiple bruises and scars from abuse given by his wife.
  • He has been secretly practising the trade of blacksmithing for some time in order to set up his family's new life.
  • He doesn't seem bothered by Samuel being the father of his daughter's child, and kindly refers to him as his son-in-law.
  • He admits to being afraid of his wife even though he is quite muscular and has multiple weapons around his house.

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