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Returning the Dark Seal

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Disambiguous This article is about the sub-quest titled The Hero of Skill in-game which involves the Shadow Court. For its parent quest of the same name, see The Hero of Skill.
Returning the Dark Seal
Type Main Quest
(Part of The Hero of Skill)
Preceding Stranded
Succeeding Bloodstone Assault
Start Bloodstone - Bloodstone Mansion
End Wraithmarsh - Shadow Court

Returning the Dark Seal is a section of the Fable II quest, The Hero of Skill. This section is also titled The Hero of Skill in-game.

Walkthrough Edit

To get this quest the Hero must first talk to Reaver in Bloodstone Mansion after escaping from Wraithmarsh. He will state that the Hero needs more renown.

Renown Required: You are unable to continue with Returning the Dark Seal until you have accumulated 20,000 Renown, attaining Luminary status in Bloodstone.

When enough renown is earned, he will state that he knows what the Hero is here to request and begins considering the offer because of all the gold that the Tattered Spire might possess. He agrees on the condition that the Hero return the Dark Seal to its 'owners' at the Shadow Court in Wraithmarsh. The Hero then must go through the Shadow Court near what used to be Oakvale, fighting Hollow Men, Banshees, and a troll along the way.

The Shadow Court Edit

Moral Dilemma: This quest has good and evil endings.

After fighting shadows (dark replicas of past enemies such as Hobbes, Balverines and Bandits) on their way through the halls of the Shadow Court, the Hero meets a scared and confused woman named Elizabeth and the Shadow Court itself, three shadow spirits. The Shadow Court explains that whoever is carrying the dark seal must sacrifice their youth so Reaver can stay young.

Taking the Punishment (Good)

Keep hold of the Dark Seal. The Hero will be punished with grey hair, a wrinkled face, and glowing red eyes. Though this punishment is irreversible during the primary questline, if the Hero finishes the Retribution quest, their face will return to normal.

Save Yourself (Evil)

Give the Dark Seal to the woman so she suffers the punishment instead.

Leave the Shadow Court up the spiral staircase, which leads back to the exit to Wraithmarsh. The objective then states to return to Reaver. Theresa soon suggests that you should complete any jobs or quests you want to beforehand.

Quest Card Emblem Closure of Quests

Returning to Reaver will suspend all available quests until completion of Retribution.

Notes Edit

  • The game automatically saves when the Hero leaves the halls of the Shadow Court, however the Hero is not automatically transported outside, which means that the player still has a chance to reload the game if one immediately regrets his or her choice.
  • If you accept the Dark Seal, you will be able to reverse your hair and eyes upon completing the main storyline.
  • The old age, wrinkles and glowing eyes don't affect the attractiveness of your character.
  • Donating to the Temple of Light will revert the ageing effect (wrinkles, grey hair etc), but not the red eyes.
  • Sleeping in Castle Fairfax after the quest is complete will reverse the aging process. However, the glowing eyes will still persist.
  • Using a Bewitching Augment can reverse the effects of glowing eyes.
  • If you choose to sacrifice yourself you will get white hair but this is easily gotten rid of as the white hair is merely a dye!
  • Performing the Brightwood Tower quest at any point after this quest will reverse both the aging effect and the glowing eyes.

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