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Resurrection Phial
Resurrection Phial
Type Potion
Effects Revives the Hero
Base value 500 gold (Fable)
1000 gold (Fable II)

Death need not be the end. Resurrection is possible with this.

A Resurrection Phial is a special potion available in Fable, TLC, Fable Anniversary, and Fable II that revives the Hero. It does not need to be selected or used because it acts immediately when the character loses all health. In Fable II, Resurrection Phials prevent the Hero from scarring.

In Fable, it can be purchased from most potion shops and traders for around 500 gold. Only nine Resurections Phials can be held at once.

In Fable II, Resurrection Phials can be purchased at most potion shops and stands, and also from travelling traders, for 1000 gold. They can also be found randomly in homes, such as the Bloodstone Manor. The bottle design has changed significantly.

Resurrection Phials do not appear in Fable III.

In Fable Anniversary on PC you have the ability of choosing to play using a "Heroic" difficulty mode, wherein Resurrection Phials are not available for purchase or in item chests. You may still be fortunate to find them as dropped items from enemies killed but this was not intended.

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