Regal Purple Dye
Type Object
Effects Dyes clothing and hair
Source Fairfax Gardens

The Snowglobe

Base value 1000 Gold
Stars 5stars

Regal Purple Dye is a 5-star dye that can be purchased from the travelling clothes traders in Fairfax Gardens. It can also be found in a chest inside a house near the bridge in the Snowglobe Village area from the See the Future DLC. It is needed to purchase the Brodican Mace from the Box of Secrets and so to earn the achievement The Collector in the Knothole Island DLC.

Directions to House (The Snowglobe Village)Edit

Note: there is another house which also has a chest on the upper floor of the building. It is the same building in which the Hero enters to save one of the villagers from a group of Blue Shadows during The Snowglobe (Quest). The door is a bright blue colour and required a blue key to open it (provided by the first villager who needed to be rescued upon arriving in Snowglobe Village).

  • Upon arriving to the Snowglobe Village, take a left to the house with the bright blue door previously mentioned.
  • Follow this path over a stone bridge and continue onwards past some fences on either side and through a large, black gate with a stone housing a flit switch (activated during the quest) where the Hero fought a number of Blue Shadows and Hobbes.
  • Once past the gates, follow the path which will round a corner towards the left passing near a carriage house. This path will then lead you to a circular opening at which a tree in the center with a well is surrounded by houses. This is not the area with the chest (however, it is almost identical to the actual area).
  • After this, follow the path passing around the tree and head towards another set of large, black gates and a stone housing another flitswitch. Passing this, there will be another house on the left (Ashfield House), ignore this and carry on moving forwards.
  • There will be a fork after this where the path will lead you upwards on a hill and allow you to cross the bridge, do not follow this. Instead, travel straight on past the Shadow Court and underneath the bridge.
  • Faced with another fork (the right path leading to the school house), ignore this and continue to another circular opening with houses (similar to the first opening area). This should have a tree in the center with a small stone in front of it and a wall built halfway around it facing the beach.
  • Facing this tree from where you just came from, turn right (East) to find a white house with two flower baskets each hanging from the top corners of the door. Inside there should be a few large barrels and some trophy mounts on the wall on the bottom floor. Turn left from this to find a fireplace and a set of stairs leading upwards. Follow these stairs to the upper floor and there will be a chest in the corner containing the Regal Purple Dye.

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