The Quicksilver is a legendary weapon and one of the three icons of the Triumvirate that makes its first appearance in the novel Fable: The Balverine Order. According to the Omnicron, the Quicksilver is a two-handed sword that was of such size and power that only the Sutcliff Hero of Strength was capable of wielding it.

After the Triumvirate's defeat at the hands of an unknown force of evil, the three Heroes took their weapons and, after imparting all their knowledge of their respective disciplines into them, sealed themselves within the confines of their fallen Guild Hall. As control of the guild hall passed on from one evil force to another over time, the Heroes' bodies and their Icons remained protected by a powerful ward that held the evil forces at bay, each awaiting a worthy successor to take it for themselves.

The most recent person to wield the Quicksilver was Thomas Kirkman, who used it to great effect against the members of the Balverine Order.

Notes Edit

  • Due to its reported size and weight, it is speculated that the Quicksilver may in fact be a Greatsword
  • The silver augmentation makes the Quicksilver a particularly effective weapon against Balverines
  • It is mentioned in Fable III. In the Bowerstone Castle there is a library with 4 statues. Activating these statues tells the story of the Triumvirate and their created weapons: A sword, Gauntlet and pistol.

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