Queen banshee
Enemy Information
Type Monster
Games Fable II
First Appearance Fable II
Related Quests Evil in Wraithmarsh

The Queen Banshee is an enemy in Fable II, which is essentially a larger, tougher Banshee clad in white. There are only seven to be found throughout the game. Queen Banshees are able to summon shadow children, of course, but can summon five instead of the standard Banshee's four.

Locations Edit

A Queen Banshee is found prominently during the Evil in Wraithmarsh quest, where Max & Sam have released it from a cave in Wraithmarsh by mistake, and it goes about ravaging the Bloodstone Waterfront.

Less prominently they appear:

  • Inside of the Nightmare Hollow.
  • Within the Temple of Shadows post-Spire if you choose to defend the Temple of Light.
  • In Wraithmarsh by Madam Ursula's Home for Little Lost Souls, but only during Reaver's Returning the Dark Seal quest. One must travel by foot back through Wraithmarsh Road in Bloodstone instead of Fast Travelling to the Drowned Farm in order to encounter this banshee. It is suspected this is Madam Ursula herself.
  • One more appears in the Storm Shrine just before the Troll Battle.
  • Then yet another appears after the Storm Shrine is completed, but this one does not always spawn.
  • In the Central Chamber of the Wellspring Cave in Oakfield, (the room where Hammer puts weight on the pressure tiles for the doors to open.) This banshee only spawns here post-Spire, even if you did either the Defender of Light quest or Oakfield Massacre quest.
  • There is one other which has a chance of appearing on a community service quest!
  • There is a Queen Banshee in the Colosseum as a part of the See the Future DLC.

How To Defeat Edit

Fighting the Queen Banshee requires the same tactics as fighting a normal Banshee, with the only difference being the Queen Banshee's greater amount of health, and one more shadow child to deal with. When they summon their five shadow children, you must eliminate them all before you are able to attack the Queen Banshee. As you are fighting the children, though, mind the Queen's position; it will try to attack you while you are distracted. It is best to keep moving while you fight. A good strategy to use against Queen Banshees and other Banshees as well is as soon as you eliminate their five shadow children, charge up a level 5 inferno spell and release it. In most cases it will drain all of their health in one fireball, or use a level 4 inferno and quickly shoot their face.Or use your gun of choice then when she whispers aim and shoot at her face as much as possible.


There is a glitch during the Evil in Wraithmarsh where the Queen Banshee becomes invincible, making it impossible to complete the quest.

The same glitch may occur while fighting the Banshee in the Wellspring Cave. Leaving the Central Chamber might solve the problem.

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