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Pre-Owned Thunder Outfit
Effects 1011 Armour
+41 Attractiveness
+61 Scariness
+2 Alignment
Source Heroes' Guild (DLC)
Base value 19,999 gold

The Pre-Owned Thunder Outfit is an outfit exclusive to Fable Anniversary. It is included in the Hero Outfit & Weapon Pack DLC. Once downloaded, the pieces of the outfit must be purchased from the merchant in the Heroes' Guild.

Description Edit

The story is told that damage was done to this outfit in a sparring battle with Whisper, although the last man to suggest such a thing didn’t live in Bowerstone for much longer. Lady Grey saw to that.


Pre-Owned Thunder Helmet

By purchasing Thunder's Helmet pre-owned, you're doing your bit to kill off future innovation in headwear. Sleep well, Hero.

  • Armour Rating: 111
  • Base Value: 774 gold
  • Attractiveness: -10
  • Scariness: +10
  • Alignment Modifier: 0
Pre-Owned Thunder Chest Piece

For just 1 gold coin less than buying a Chest Piece brand new, you can pick up this "like-new" item of Thunder's. Please just excuse the hairs, scratches and what looks like a little bit of vomit from the local tavern.

  • Armour Rating: 400
  • Base Value: 7,486 gold
  • Attractiveness: +26
  • Scariness: +26
  • Alignment Modifier: +1
Pre-Owned Thunder Trousers

Imagine the joy of wearing someone else's trousers. Just imagine it.

  • Armour Rating: 350
  • Base Value: 6,366 gold
  • Attractiveness: +15
  • Scariness: +15
  • Base Value: +1
Pre-Owned Thunder Gauntlets

These still feel warm to the touch since they were prised from Thunder's clammy hands.

  • Armour Rating: 100
  • Base Value: 1,795 gold
  • Attractiveness: +5
  • Scariness: +5
  • Alignment Modifier: 0
Pre-Owned Thunder Boots

These boots come in size 22 only, so some extra thick socks* might be required. (*Product not included).

  • Armour Rating: 50
  • Base Value: 946 gold
  • Attractiveness: +5
  • Scariness: +5

Alignment Modifier: 0

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