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Potion of Life
Type Potion
Effects Health Meter Extension: 50

Healing Points: 1000

Source Various (Four are known)
Base value 2800 Gold
Stars 5stars

Potions of Life are rare potions in Fable II that increase the size of your health bar. Consuming one of these potions will increase it by 50 points, and will also heal you for 1000 points.


  • One can be found in a dive spot in Bower Lake near the Gypsy Camp.
  • One can be received in the Memory Lane Demon door found in Rookridge, which can be opened by making your dog perform five tricks for the door.
  • There is one as a reward for destroying 20 Gargoyles.
  • Can be received as a gift.
  • One is inside the Silver Chest along Fairfax Road in Bowerstone Market, in a fenced garden (5 keys required).


The same sect of Old Kingdom alchemists who are said to have solved the secret of immortality also created the recipe for this life-prolonging potion. Few have the knowledge or the skill to brew it successfully now.

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