Popularity Contest
Achievement icon Achievement Information
Gamerscore 15 Gamerscore
Description Make 20 friends.

Popularity Contest is an achievement in Fable III.


Make 20 friends, manually. For this quest, "Best Friends" and "Lovers" do not count as "friends". Also, friends that are made from a region being friendly to the king/queen, do not count and people that are friendly because of low rent do not register. The only way of completing this quest is to complete twenty separate "relationship quests" to become friends with villagers manually. To do this:

  • Obtain the "Friend Pack" from the Road to Rule.
  • Approach a villager that is currently "neutral" to you.
  • Perform positive (A button) expressions until the character asks you a favour.
  • Do the mini-quest and return to the villager.


  • This is easiest to complete at the very beginning of the game, particularly during Leaders and Followers, because the random spawns level with the Hero and the mini-quests will be much more difficult once Balverines become a common spawn.
  • Touched by a Hero will also be awarded while working on this achievement.
  • It's a good idea to complete the quests at once, as "friends" may revert to neutral over time (or to "best friends"/"lovers" if the hero is liked in the region).
  • This is easily achieved by having a child, it doesn't have to be genetic. Interact with the child until it gives you a mini-quest, this is mainly buying them a pressie e.g. toy bow. You can keep doing this over and over again until you get the achievement.

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