Platinum Trolls are first mentioned in the description of Archon's Battle Armour. The last Platinum Troll was killed by Archon himself. The troll's remains were then made into the Archon's Battle Armour.

Cause of Extinction Edit

The exact cause of the decline of the Platinum Troll's population is unknown; however, it is likely that it was hunted both for sport and its supposedly incredibly hard hide. While Albionites may not have been able to kill them initially, when Heroes became common in the Old Kingdom and became familarized with The Powers of Will, fierce creatures whom had once controlled certain elements of nature became much easier to slay (such as the Dragons whom once controlled the skies of Albion) which turned Platinum Trolls from great hazards into attractive and profitable targets. It is also possible that killing Platinum Trolls was considered an honour as great as killing a Kraken, the masters of the sea.

Habitat Edit

Platinum is found in rocky areas containing ore. It is theorized that they may have lived in Albion's western mountain range. Or, quite possibly the Northern Wastes along with their Ice Troll brethern.

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