Species Human
Gender Male
Home Bowerstone Old Town
Relationships Betty (Friend)
Enemies Magpie
First Appearance Fable II - Childhood
Last Appearance Fable II - Childhood
Status Alive
"Don't drink, it'll ruin your life!"
— Pete

Pete is an old drunk and a beggar living in Bowerstone Old Town. He is encountered during Childhood, in which he is seen arguing with Betty, his friend, over a stolen wine bottle. Another tramp, Magpie, has stolen Pete's wine and he wants it back, but Betty is concerned for him and is trying to get him to stay sober.

The pair then spot Rose and Sparrow, and both try to hire them; Pete offers one gold to steal the wine back and give it to him, Betty offers the same to give the bottle to her. This initiates the Tramp's Treasure quest.

Magpie is found nearby, sleeping. Sparrow simply has to walk up to him and steal the bottle, which is right beside him. Once the bottle has been stolen, Magpie wakes up and is shocked to find it gone.

If Pete is given the bottle, he rejoices as he is now able to get drunk. He finds a piece of paper, revealed to be a warrant. Pete gives the Hero the warrant and a gold piece and begins to drink. Betty is displeased and the Hero earns evil points.

If the bottle is given to Betty, the Hero earns good points. Pete admits that drinking ruined his life, and vows to stay sober and go back to his former job as an accountant.

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