Species Unknown (took the form of a dragon)
Gender Male
Relationships Hero of Brightwall (Ally)
Garth (Ally)
Ben Finn (Ally)
Kalin (Ally)
Enemies Darkness
The Empress
First Appearance Fable: Edge of the World
Last Appearance Fable: Edge of the World
Status Alive

Percival, also known as Percy, is a character in Fable: Edge of the World. He took on the appearance of a sand dragon when he was awoken by the King of Albion. He makes his home in the desert continent of Samarkand, far to the east of the green lands of Albion.

Nearly a decade after the final defeat of the terrible foe known only as The Crawler, Albion's great Hero King, the Hero of Brightwall, lead an expedition force to Samarkand to defeat the resurgent forces of the Darkness. It was during his adventures in Samarkand where he met the dragon residing within the Cave of a Thousand Guardians after defeating one thousand statues of Heroes past possessed by the Darkness. After the battle, an obelisk rose with an inscription only readable to the great Hero King, detailing that should a Hero ever have need, they could release what was inside and it would serve that Hero in the form that would serve them best. The Hero King thought of how useful a dragon would be in this fight, and Percival was summoned.

Having found a new Hero to swear allegiance to, Percival resolved to aid the Hero King on his mission to Zahadar to usurp Samarkand's new dictator, The Empress. One of Percival's major contributions came in the form of information regarding the location of Garth, who Percival knew to be residing in a temple within the eastern mountains amongst a clan of warrior monks.

At the gates of Zahadar, Percy joined the Hero's other allies, including Garth, Ben Finn, and Kalin in the attack on the capital city. The plan, formulated by Garth, was to attack the city head-on while the Hero snuck into the palace and captured The Empress. Initially used to scout the Samarkandian battle lines and fortifications, Percival also served as a mount for Garth initially, who used his Will powers to decimate enemy lines from the dragon's back. Once he took charge of the battle, Percival continued to serve as a mount for the army's greatest sharpshooters, especially Ben Finn.

While the strategy originally worked perfectly, the Albion Royal Army was turned back when the Darkness emerged from the city's main river. Percival was immediately re-tasked with evacuating certain individuals, saving Kalin from an ambush. Unfortunately, Shan was struck by the Darkness, forcing Percival to abandon his rescue attempt while Ben Finn killed him.

In the midst of the retreat, Percival believed that they had a duty to go back and rescue the Hero King, Garth cautioned against it, arguing that they would need to take time to formulate a new plan if they were to succeed. Although distraught by the revelation, the dragon, along with Ben Finn and Kalin, agreed with the old Will master.

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