Penelope Chumley
Species Human
Gender Female
Home Bowerstone
Status Alive

Penelope Chumley is an investigative reporter with the Bowerstone Times. She interviewed Atticus Croddle, a noted historian and monster expert, regarding Hollow Men, Hobbes, Trolls, and Balverines. However, during the fourth and final interview, it was revealed that Atticus was a Balverine. He attacked Penelope, but she was able to fight him off with the use of a silver dagger. After throwing a lantern at his feet, Atticus fled the building and has not been seen since.

An unspecified time later, the Bowerstone Times reporter found herself in Wraithmarsh investigating the life of Theresa, inspired by the rumours that she had caused the madness of King Logan. Accompanied by the founder of Theresa's Fan Club, Bertie Knippet, the enthusiastic Knippet explained the details of the infamous bandit attack on Oakvale, Theresa's early prophetic powers, and a brief history of Theresa's life up to that point while leaving flowers and chocolates at a crudely constructed shrine in the middle of the swamp.

In her next installment in the series, Penelope Chumley recounts her experiences at the Fan Club's bi-monthly gathering, in which the club members re-enacted critical moments of Albion's history with a pro-Theresa twist, claiming that it was the Blind Seeress that killed Jack of Blades and Lucien with a roundhouse kick when the Hero of Oakvale and the Hero of Bowerstone were incapacitated. Chumley left the group, however, when she met a mole of the rival Bowerstone's Anti-Theresa Society, who took her to see the founder of their secret society, Reaver. Interviewing the ex-pirate-turned-factory-owner, Reaver made the claim that Theresa was Albion's secret dictator, manipulating key personalities to twist events in her favor before bidding Penelope Chumley farewell.


  • Penelope only appears in Bowerstone Times articles, which are available on Lionhead's website.

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